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GRUNDFOS SB3-45A Multistage Sub Pump

$989.23 Incl GST

The SB3-45A pump is a submersible booster pump for the pumping of clean water ideal for rainwater systems, treated grey water irrigation, operating sprinklers, and pumping water from tanks.

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Grundfos SB3-45A Multistage Sub Pump

The Grundfos SB 3-45 A is a submersible pump designed for the pumping of clean water for domestic and rainwater applications. It is silent when submerged and therefore a noiseless alternative to surface-mounted pumps. The pump is built from high quality composite and stainless steel materials that are resistant to corrosion.

The SB 3-45 A is equipped with a 15 m supply cable, and the maximum installation depth is 10 m below the water level, with a liquid temperature ranging from 0 °C to 40 °C.

The SB 3-45 A is ideal for operation in a well or ground tanks, as it easily prevents solid particles from entering the pump. The maximum particle size is 1 mm.

The pump features a float switch, which promises the user a convenient experience with automatic start/stop operation of the pump and provides dry running protection.

The single-phase model is effectively protected against any accidental overload by built-in thermal protection.

The pump has built-in thermal protection, which immediately stops the pump if it overheats. Having cooled down, the pump automatically restarts when it reaches a normal temperature.


  • Pumping of clean water
  • Rainwater systems
  • Treated grey water irrigation
  • Sprinkler operation
  • Pumping water from tanks.


  • 30.1 metre rated head
  • 4 impellers
  • 2800RPM rated driver speed
  • 10 metre installation depth
  • Composite pump housing and impellers


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