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Resources for selecting your water pump, submersible, pressure, sewage and drainage pumps

If you need more information on hot water pump, submersible, pressure, sewage and drainage pumps, you will find useful resources below. Information on how to select the right pump for the right job.

Pump Manufacturers Quick Links

  • Davey Water Pumps NZ can take on any water pumping application, from water transfer or conservation to treatment and filtration. 
  • Grundfos Pumps NZ are renowned across the world as being the superior pump of choice for commercial, industrial and domestic applications.
  • White International (Dab Pumps) water and drainage pumps are produced with quality materials to resist internal and external stresses and guarantee high performance, quality and durability over the long term, limiting their environmental impact.
  • HCP Pump
  • Hyjet Water Pumps cover all applications to pump water around your property.

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Useful Information for Pump Sizing

Average Water Consumption

– Toilet Cistern – 6 l/min
– Standard Shower Head – 15 L/min
– Water Saving Shower Head – 6-7 L/min
– Standard Household Tap – 10 L/min
– Lawn Sprinkler – 15 L/min

Pressure Conversion

– H (m) x 10 = KPA
– KPA x 0.145 = PSI
– PSI x 6.895 = KPA
– KPA x 0.001 = BAR