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GRUNDFOS CMB-SP 5-28 Booster Pump

$1,660.14 Incl GST

CMB-SP 5-28 Multistage Pressure System, 0.5kw. All stainless steel construction with electronic pressure control unit, offering dry-run protection. 11/4″ Male BSP .

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GRUNDFOS CMB-SP 5-28 Booster Pump

Multistage Pressure System


The Grundfos CMB-SP 5-28 pressure system is a compact booster pump for water supply in domestic and light commercial water applications.
The unit consists of a Grundfos CMB CMB-SP 5-28 cast iron pump and a Grundfos PM2 pressure manager that allows the pump to start and stop automatically according to demand.


  • Compact design to cater for most spaces
  • Use of stainless steel impellers provides the longest possible life
  • Dry-running protection saves your pump from damage if your water supply runs out
  • Anti-cycling alarm informs homeowners of potential pipe leakage, saving water and protecting the pump
  • Suitable for generator operation


  • Stainless steel impeller, intermediate chambers and shaft
  • Cast iron housing
  • Hard wearing carbon / ceramic seal
  • IP55 motor
  • Voltage: 1 x 240 V, 50 Hz

Download Grundfos CMB-SP 5-28 Spec Sheet


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